Edition 290 of Steve Blease’s Heavy Elements is now available as a podcast.


Kingcrow – Timeshift Box
Animals As Leaders – Mono myth
Earthside – All We Knew And Ever Loved
Iron Maiden – Senjutsu
Lucid Awakening – Part of the Delusion

That Was The Year That Prog: 2019
Borknagar – Up North
Avandra – Derelict Minds
Queensrÿche – Blood of the Levant
Cellar Darling – Burn
Disillusion – The Great Unknown
Ihlo – Union

Epic at 11: Arch/Matheos – Kindred Spirits

Protest the Hero – Tilting Against Windmills
Devin Townsend Project – Stormbending

Album of the Week: Intronaut – Fluid Existential Inversions
The Cull

Gojira – Amazonia

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THE PROGRESSIVE TRACKS SHOW #468 (“It’s Genius, I Tell Ya…”)

Mike’s in one of his moods again… so this week’s music will have a certain ‘flair’.

Mike says it’s “genius” (of course, Mike says a lot of things… but this time he’s correct).

  • MOVING GELATINE PLATES – “Moving Theme” from The World of Genius Hans on Replica Records (1972) [01:30]
  • Gutbucket – “I Am A Jelly Doughnut (Or A Commentary On U.S. German Relations Post WWII)” from A Modest Proposal on Cuneiform Records (2009) [05:37]
  • Custard Flux – “Gelatinous Mass” from Oxygen on Custard Flux (2020) [10:43]
  • Action & Tension & Space – “Lavalamps” from Skåredal Funhouse on Cargo Records (2018) [16:12]
  • The Mercury Tree – “Secrete A Matrix” from Family Style EP on The Mercury Tree (2014) [19:03]
  • Evil Genius – “Colonel Karl Marx and Keenan McCardell” from Experiments on Human Subjects on Orenda Records (2018) [25:37]
  • MOVING GELATINE PLATES – “Cauchmar” from The World of Genius Hans on Replica Records (1972) [31:44]
  • Duke 72 – “Evil Genius” from The Mid Shires Herald on Bad Elephant Music (2019) [35:26]
  • MOVING GELATINE PLATES – “We Were Lovin’ Her” from The World of Genius Hans on Replica Records (1972) [38:58]
  • Spandrel – “Words Travel and So Does Fire” from Spandrel on Spandrel (2022) [43:32]
  • Turning Point – “The Eppik“ from Vanishing Dream on Jazz in Britain Ltd. (2022) [48:52]
  • MOVING GELATINE PLATES – “Astromonster” from The World of Genius Hans on Replica Records (1972) [01:00:30]
  • Bill Brovold and Larval – “Crippled Dance” from Surving Death – Alive Why on Cuneiform Records (2007) [01:06:40]
  • Turning Point – “Better Days“ from Vanishing Dream on Jazz in Britain Ltd. (2022) [01:12:46]
  • Jean Paul Prat – “Maran atha-Sélah” from Masal on Musea (1984 / 1995) [01:27:07]
  • adolf plays the jazz – “The Things We Kill” from Low Life | We Can’t Lose. We Have Already Lost. On (2022) [01:36:18]
  • MOVING GELATINE PLATES – “The World of Genius Hans” from The World of Genius Hans on Replica Records (1972) [01:44:01]

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The Body Electric Rush
Wish Upon A Star Steve Miller Band
Sympathy For the Devil Rolling Stones
Call It What You Will Utopia w/Todd Rundgren
Business Is Business Crème & Godly
Childhood’s End/White Feather Marillion
Be Gone Dull Cage Kiev
And the Healing Has Begun Van Morrison
Temples Rise (Jo Beth Young)
Bella Donna Stevie Nicks
6-Pack Hack
Dream Police Cheap Trick
I’m A Believer The Monkees
On the Loose Saga
Invisible Touch Genesis
One More Rainy Day Deep Purple
Them Changes Buddy Miles
Progressive Worlds Green Desert Tree
Down For the Count Planet of the Abts (POA)
Fall of the Peacemakers Molly Hatchet
Mission A New World Record Electric Light Orchestra
Crazy City Barclay James Harvest
SIAS: Octarine Sky – Close To Nearby (S1) Octarine Sky feat. Simon Phillips
One Octarine Sky feat. Simon Phillips
Rosewind Octarine Sky feat. Simon Phillips
Night Sky / Into the Dream Octarine Sky feat. Simon Phillips
The Mask Octarine Sky feat. Simon Phillips
And I Stood Transfixed The Emerald Dawn
A Thousand Teardrops Shadowfax
Thunder and Lightning Audience
Down Lindisfarne
High Tide In Wingo Norton Buffalo
In Every Heart Susan Tedeschi/Derek Trucks Band
Stand Up Al Green
Rockin’ Chair Lighthouse
Low Rider War
The Spy The Doors
If the Devil Cast His Net Pearl Handled Revolver
The Wasp (Texas Radio & The Big Beat) / Love Me Two Times The Doors
21st Century Chilldown
Long Nights Crack the Sky
Less Or More Little Days
Love Over Hurt Rob Bonfiglio
Still Alive Tiger Moth Tales
Incognito Earl Klugh

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Edition 314 of THE PROG MILL for Progzilla Radio (534 in total), first broadcast 22 May 2022, is now also available to listen to anytime or download.

Another two hours of superb melodic & symphonic progressive rock. This week’s show also includes a Yes albums special of our fun quickfire proggy quiz, and this week’s TPA album review sees Richard Swan taking a listen to Days of Innocence, the latest release by Stuckfish.

This Week’s Playlist

1 Hats Off Gentlemen It’s Adequate – Silence is a Statement (The Confidence Trick)
2 Solace Supplice – Marasmes et Decadence (Liturgies Contemporaines)
3 Gabriel Keller – Time (Clair Obscur)
4 Caligonaut – Because We Are Not Apart (Single)
5 Starfish 64 – Space Junk (Scattered Pieces of Blue)
6 The Bardic Depths – The Burning Flame (Promises of Hope)
7 Ghost of the Machine – Mountain (Scissorgames)
8 Stuckfish – Thief in the Night (Days of Innocence)
9 Stuckfish – Different Ways (Days of Innocence)
10 Mr Gil – Skellig (Skellig)
11 Strange Pop – Goodbye Song (Ten Years Gone)
12 Nova Cascade – Too Far Back (Journeys End Mix) (The Navigator)
13 Doug Woods & Colin Powell – Ecstatic Anticipation (Levitation)
14 Blue Oyster Cult – Astronomy (Secret Treaties)
15 Robert Berry’s 3.2 – Eight Miles High (3.2 Alive at Progstock)

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Tales From The Tiger Moth

Edition 168

21st May 2022

Kaipa – The Bitter Setting Sun
theicon – No Unicorns
t (Thomas Thielen) – The Same Old Everything
Karfagen – Land of Gold
Raven Sad – Colorbox
Morecambe & Wise – Boom Oo Yata-Ta-Ta
Pink Floyd – Hey You
The D-A Method – Those Who Once Wandered Insane
Jonas Lindberg & The Other Side – Astral Journey
Genesis – Feeding the Fire
Athlete – You Got the Style
Electric Light Orchestra – The Diary of Horace Wimp
Electro Compulsive Therapy – Supernova
Emerson, Lake & Palmer – Lucky Man
Marillion – Three Minute Boy
Guthrie Govan – Fives
Flanders And Swann – Too Many Cookers
Genesis – Dancing with The Moonlit Knight

Tales From The Tiger Moth

Edition 167

7th May 2022

Tiger Moth Tales – Maytime
Kaipa – The Frozen Dead Of The Night
Karfagen – Garden of Hope (Part 1)
theicon – 13 North End Avenue
theicon – A Different Sky
Haken – Nightingale
Flight of the Conchords – Jenny
Jonas Lindberg & The Other Side – Little Man
Electro Compulsive Therapy – Colors Fade Away
The D-A Method – Valley of Fear
John Holden and Friends – Northern Lights radio mix
Streetband – Toast
Marillion – The Release
Marillion – Toxic
The Tangent – The Changes
The Bardic Depths – The Burning Flame
Karfagen – Land of Jazz
Kaipa – In A World Of Pines
Jake Thackray – On Again! On Again!
Transatlantic – Bridge Across Forever

Tales From The Tiger Moth

Edition 166 – Kite Parade interview with Andy Foster

23rd April 2022

MobiUS – Spider
Omega Point – A Great Escape
Kite Parade – Letting Go
Kite Parade -Strip The Walls
Kite Parade – This Time
Kite Parade – Suffer No Longer
Kite Parade – Going Under
Kite Parade – The Way Home
Kite Parade – Stranded
Marillion – The Sky Above The Rain
Twelfth Night – Für Helene II (Dean Baker)
Kaipa – Urskog
Red bazar – Queen Of The Night Part 2
Genesis – Follow You, Follow Me

Tales From The Tiger Moth

Edition 165 – White Knight Special

9th April 2022

Frost – Heartstrings
Salva – Discovery
Last Flight To Pluto – Stay Out Of My Head
Twelfth Night – Puppets (Steven Wilson)
Twelfth Night – This City (Pete Jones)
Cyan – The Sorceror
Yes – Parallels
Alan Reed – Kingdom of the Blind
C-Sides – Engine Down
AltaVia – So Far So Good
Peter Gee – Rock ‘n’ Roll
Beagley – Anania – Red Mist
Beagley – Anania – Rescue
The Flower Kings – Peacock On Parade
Genesis – Deep In The Motherlode (live)
Twelfth Night – Creepshow (Simon Godfrey)
Twelfth Night – Three Dancers (Gareth Cole)
Steve Thorne – In The Frame
The Mighty Rah – Nothing Comes Too Easy
Marillion – The Crow and the Nightingale
Kenny Bissett – Wake Up
Kite Parade – The Way Home
Tiger Moth Tales – Forester
It Bites – Kiss Like Judas

Tales From The Tiger Moth

Edition 164 – A Look Back At Fusion

26th March 2022

Kenny Bissett – Radiate
Beagley – Anania – PTSD
Kite Parade – Stranded
Landmarq – Prayer (Live)
The Far Meadow – Sulis Rise
Marillion – Be Hard on Yourself (I) the Tear in the Big Picture
Marillion – Be Hard on Yourself (II) Lust for Luxury
Marillion – Be Hard on Yourself (III) You Can Learn
The Flower Kings – Revolution
The Blackheart Orchestra – Sebastian
The Paradox Twin – Prism Descent
John Hackett – Another Life
Comedy of Errors – Fanfare for the Broken Hearted
Retreat From Moscow – Don’t Look Back
Kite Parade – Going Under
Franck Carducci – A Brief Tale of Time
This Winter Machine – Whirlpool
Rain – Devils Will Reign
Magenta – Trojan (quietroom.tv)
Beagley – Anania – Let it In to Let Out
Tiger Moth Tales – Rapa Nui
Procol Harum – A Whiter Shade of Pale

The Prog Bus

With Dave Watkins

18th May 2022

Solace Supplice – Les Miradors
Maraton – Perdurant Lives
Celestial Son – Avian Heart w/ Gavin Harrison
Tim Bowness – Dark Nevada Dream
The Bardic Depths – Imagine
The Tangent – The Changes [ edit ]
Ghost Of The Machine – Mountain
David King – Look For Stars
Nik Kershaw – Babylon Brothers
Salva – Score
Geoff Proudley – Conquest
Hats Off Gentlemen It’s Adequate – End Of The Line
Glass Island – The Great Myth
Knekkletric – Angra Pa’

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every other Wednesday 1800-2000 UK and every other Sunday 0400-0600 UK.


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